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They have discovered the little white cross on a black background in the top right corner! Not bad - statistically there are discovering this inconspicuous icon on the Web page and then actually click this not the 7%! Now it is up to you: If you are a potential customer, or other visitor to our website so you are just happy that you're probably smarter than most and curiouser. If you by chance but with the idea of ​​playing professionally reorient, then we would be delighted to talk to you, because we are looking for the very people who are most other probably smarter and curiouser! We are always looking for exceptionally committed and motivated employees for the areas of science, engineering, management and distribution and also offer master's and diploma positions, jobs for (post-) doctoral and attractive entry-level positions for student assistants and interns! Please send us a resume - we'll talk about that we guarantee will answer you!
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Why is our focus on combs? Not all visitors of this homepage might know about the advantages of combs: as usually the nature is one step ahead the state of the art technologies. Combs have excellent technological chracteristics as a very light weight combined with an exceptional stability! continue

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The BeeComp Team is getting Reinforcements

February 2017

When a project grows, management must grow as well in order to coordinate …


BeeComp confirms participation at the Hanover Trade Show

January 2017

Every year, the streets of Hanover are filled and hotel beds become rare …


Rainer Voelmle and the BeeComp Team wishes you a Happy New Year

02 January 2017

Just as every year, I, Rainer Voelmle, CEO …




The history of the development of humanity is very long, and mankind has developed a lot during the last 400.000 years, but still the secure feeling of an own house is one of life's basic needs. continue



After carefully analyzing the clients´ situation and before setting up the production there´s always the same decision which needs to be taken in advance: in-house production or outsourcing?. continue



In case you don´t have time to read the whole website, all our publications and technical and scientific studies you have to read this section of our website! continue

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